ADF Power Tuning

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ADF Power Tuning helps you:

lower your energy costs

optimize space

reduce hassle

avoid downtime

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ADF Power Tuning – the shape of power to come

ADF Power Tuning is an ideal power quality solution for most industries. In many cases, our customers face critical electrical or operational challenges, but with the flexibility and comprehensive action of ADF products, these challenges can be solved.

The solution works by actively addresses harmonics, but also solves many other flaws in the power wave that cause energy to be less efficient. Read more below to learn about the benefits of ADF Power Tuning for your industry:

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Power isn´t perfect!

The power within any grid is usually flawed to some extent. The result? Equipment underperformance, breakdowns, and energy losses just to name a few of the issues.

Learn more about how ADF Power Tuning addresses these issues and more

Are your warranties protected?

Your operation’s equipment requires a high initial investment followed by continuous inputs to ensure successful performance. With manufacturers becoming increasingly aware of the issues with power quality, if you have power problems in your network, they may not honor the equipment warranty.

Discover the ADF Power Tuning product range that makes your operation compliant

Additional benefits for you

1. Save space – Since one module supports multiple drives, you can save space and ensure flexibility for the future.
2. Save time – Avoid unnecessary downtime for maintenance or replacement of equipment affected by power quality issues.
3. Save money – Increase your energy efficiency while reducing the expense of replacing worn equipment.
4. Save hassle – ADF technology is already being included in regulatory demands and equipment warranties—a trend that
will only continue to grow.

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