ADF Power Tuning

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About ADF Power Tuning

ADF Power Tuning was developed by Comsys AB in Lund, Sweden. Working with their global network of partners, the ADF Partner Network provides active filter solutions to industry leaders worldwide, enabling them to increase productivity, and simultaneously save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

Due to the flexibility and adaptability of this low harmonic solution, ADF products are ideal for a wide variety of industries.

Focus on innovation

ADF technology is backed by global experts in power electronics, automatic control, and real time systems design. In order to constantly improve, ADF Power Tuning engineers continue to work closely with the Lund Institute of Technology and other research bodies.

Serving our Customers

With ADF Power Tuning, the main goal is to improve our customers’ energy efficiency and productivity through improved power quality. The advanced research behind our technology utilizes power electronics, real time control, and measurement technology in combination with field tests. This has resulted in a versatile product portfolio designed with our customers top needs in mind.

Global Availability

ADF products have proven their effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency at customer sites around the globe. From utility, to manufacturing, and infrastructure, ADF power Tuning is an ideal low harmonic solution for many industries. Worried you might be out of reach for our solution? Don't be. The ADF Partner Network ensures we are prepared to meet demand on a global scale.

To learn more about ADF Power Tuning for your industry or region, don’t hesitate to contact us.