ADF Power Tuning

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Improving Energy Efficiency - Business Idea and Vision

Creating Value Through Power Quality

danish windturbinesComsys' business idea is to provide customers worldwide with products and solutions for elimination of operational disturbances, more efficient energy usage, and more environmentally friendly operations. Our business is built around onsite measurements, power quality analysis and solutions based on ADF Active Filter technology.

Comsys AB, the creator of ADF Power Tuning, provides ADF technology for OEM use in a wide variety of applications, helping manufacturers of industrial equipment to cut power consumption and avoiding disturbing nearby equipment, and complying with set standards such as IEEE519, G5/4 and EN61000-2-2.

With ADF Power Tuning, Comsys AB aims to become the leading power electronics company in industrial applications. The production is outsourced to strategic markets while the global partner network is used to support our customers all around the world.

Our Vision

Achieve financial, operational, and environmental benefits through increased Power QualityBy combining modern digital technology with advanced power electronics, Comsys’ vision is to be a premium supplier of solutions for energy efficiency and improved power quality. We aim to support our customers in all industries (from offshore, to data centers, to the process industry, etc.) to achieve financial, operational, and environmental benefits through increased power quality.