ADF Power Tuning

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From an Idea to Reality – Our History

An Idea about More Efficient Energy Usage

Comsys AB was founded in 2001 with the dedicated goal of creating world class active filters, now known as ADF Power Tuning. Our vision was to integrate efficient power quality solutions with industrial loads in order to bring a simple to use, efficient and effective turnkey solution to the customer. The concept of the fully dynamic ADF technology was defined from the start.

By not starting from another product series, but instead by developing a series of active filters from scratch using dedicated technology, we were able to quickly standardize a modular concept making power sizes from 50A up to several thousand amps feasible. 

Our early designs were high power active filters. During the years the power range widened in both ends. The ADF P300 active filter was a landmark product, combining low entry cost and unprecedented scalability in an attractive package. Later products like the ADF P200 and the ADF P700 STATCOM widened the number of feasible applications.