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ADF Power Tuning helps you:

lower your energy costs optimize space reduce hassle and avoid downtime

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ADF Power Tuning –
the shape of power to come

ADF Power Tuning is technology that makes energy more efficient. We support customers from the marine, oil & gas, water treatment, process, data center, renewable energy, and many other industries with a powerful yet compact power quality solution.

Power isn’t perfect

The advanced technology and heavy processes of today’s industry put high demands on the electrical grid and make operations vulnerable to a variety of problems.

  • Overheating transformers
  • Nuisance tripping
  • Non-compliance
  • Shorter equipment lifetime
  • Production failure/downtime
  • Exceeding norm limits

These problems are caused by a variety of electrical disturbances that weaken power quality.

Read more about poor power quality and how to avoid transients, harmonics, reactive power, network unbalance, oscillations, voltage variations and flicker

Active Harmonic Filtering

Our patented Active Dynamic Filtering technology offers unparalleled harmonic compensation, resonance mitigation, and much more. For a thorough presentation of ADF technology and its capabilities, explore our Technology pages.

Avoid downtime and achieve compliance

Common electrical disturbances and more can be solved with ADF Power Tuning low harmonic solutions. Not to mention, ADF technology can assure power quality compliance and protect equipment warranties.

Explore customer success cases from DanTysk, Vard, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, Gazprom Flot, and more.

Become a partner

Our global network of trusted distributors is always growing. Find out more about joining the ADF Partner Network here.

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ADF Power Tuning currently supports multiple energy intensive industries around the globe. Browse through our collection of case stories that shows how various applications can benefit from our active filter technology!

  • Case Story:  Polyethylene Blown Film, Kotoriba

    Case Story: Polyethylene Blown Film, Kotoriba

    Croatia Industry: Packaging End customer: Muraplast Local partner: Automatika i procesi Timeline: Nov 2017 Background MURAPLAST is the...
  • Case Story:  Gold Mining, Kalgoorlie

    Case Story: Gold Mining, Kalgoorlie

    Australia Industry: Mining Local Partner: Toshiba International Corporation Timeline: In operation since 2017 Background A...
  • Case Story: Unilin

    Case Story: Unilin

    Belgium Industry: ManufacturingCustomer: UNILIN Flooring (Mohawk Group)Location: Wielsbeke, BelgiumTimeline: 2008...
  • Case Story: Live Fish Carrier

    Case Story: Live Fish Carrier

    Norway Industry: Marine Customer: Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS Vessel name: Seihav Background Seihav is a Live Fish Carrier constructed and...
  • Case story: Mercedes-Benz factory

    Case story: Mercedes-Benz factory

    Beijing, China Industry: Automotive Partner: ZYD, China Customer: Mercedes-Benz Timeline: 2016-2017, ongoing Background The...
  • Case Story: Jack-up drilling platform

    Case Story: Jack-up drilling platform

    South China Sea Industry: Offshore Oil and Gas Rig name: Tam Dao 03 Project Partner: Danfoss Norway Customer: Vietsovpetro...