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Comsys AB would like to send our gratitude for the past year to our customers, partners and suppliers. Together we continue to bless new customers with ADF Power Tuning all over the world. Together with you all we will be able to continue with our journey and for sure we will get yet another successful year.

To show our gratitude to you all, we have made a donation to the Swedish Cancer Society.
The Swedish Cancer Society

Merry Christmas and A happy new year,
Marcus Löfgren with the rest of the Comsys team.

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Dear partners, customers and suppliers.

Now we are all back from a relaxing holiday with family and friends, and it’s time for us to gear up for an exciting 2016. For the last six months, we have been preparing our supply chain to meet the increasing global demand for ADF Power Tuning products and solutions while maintaining the quality you know and expect.  

We have also added new employees working to support our growth and success. And we are growing! Even more partners have joined the ADF community, helping us extend our global reach to promote ADF Power Tuning. Our expanded network ensures that we will be able to better support existing and new customers tune their power to meet any demanding power quality standard.

Around the world, power quality awareness is increasing rapidly and the technical knowhow amongst customers working in this area is improving rapidly. They understand how important regulatory compliance and harmonics mitigation is to a successful operation. In 2015, Comsys saw a clear technology break-through, and is now not only taking market share from passive solutions, but the drives industry has also realized how superior ADF technology is when it comes to creating the most efficient and reliable low harmonic solution.

We believe that Comsys has the best people, partners, products, technology innovation and supply chain. And that is thanks to all of you.

Looking forward to a challenging and prosperous 2016,

Marcus Löfgren

CEO, Comsys AB

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*ADF Power Tuning was developed by Comsys AB in Lund, Sweden. Working with their global network of partners, the ADF Partner Network provides active filter solutions to industry leaders worldwide, enabling them to increase productivity, and simultaneously save money while reducing their carbon footprint.

Comsys has experienced yet another great year at the SPS IPC Drives Fair. It was the fifth consecutive year we attended, showcasing our latest ADF Power Tuning solutions.

We are hapy to report we received positive feedback from visitors from all over the world. It’s clear that power quality and ADF Power Tuning are on everyone’s mind. We had many new customers during the three days of the fair, and it was the first time we actually signed a new order at the fair!

We will of course be there next year with more innovations and products to support our ADF community with keeping their power tuned. 

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Months ago, Comsys took the next step toward producing higher quantities of ADF Power Tuning in an efficient and process-driven production setting. Working with global production company, PartnerTech, the joint operation involves PartnerTech assembling all power modules that will be used for OEM customers and for integration in ADF P300 and P100 units.

We hope you join us in celebrating that this highly anticipated partnership has now begun in Åtvidaberg, Sweden. We know that you, our customers, support ADF technology and understand the advantages of its capabilities, and now you can trust that we will always deliver according to your expectations.


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     For more information, please contact:

     Marcus Löfgren, CEO COMSYS AB.


     +46 10 209 6803