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As we are growing our power quality business and getting more partners that want to be part of the global ADF community.

We have been searching for a person that can give the best possible support to our partners through both technical and international experience. I am therefore happy to present our new team member Henrik Sjökvist.

Henrik holds a bachelor degree in international marketing from BI in Oslo and has worked with sales, marketing and business development in the HVAC-industry for the last 12 years. During the last 5 years he worked with international market management for VEAB Heat tech AB, a leading manufacturer of electrical heating solutions in the fields of commercial, industrial and marine HVAC. Henrik also has experiences from sales and logistics in the industrial software and automotive businesses.

Welcome to our team,

Rickard Jacobson, Sales Manager

We are very proud to announce that ADF P300 series have been cUL certified. It shows ones again that the ADF P300 both 480V and 600V are safe and reliable Active Harmonic Filters.

With the cUL mark on our ADF products we are now launching ADF on a wide scale into both USA and Canada.


Please read more about our products:

If you have further questions regarding our cUL certified ADF products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jonas Persson, Product Manager


Abstract— the document at hand compares harmonic mitigation techniques in a range of applications and settings. Theoretical and practical comparisons are made between active and passive series and shunt filters. The overall context is to reduce harmonic loading in a drive system. Advantages and disadvantages of parallel and series approaches is discussed, as well as advantages and disadvantages of active and passive solutions. Practical results are discussed in a number of case studies.

Please click on link below to download our new white paper about different harmonic mitigation solutions.