Comsys – Perfecting Power

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One of the largest breweries in the world decided to invest in active filters to improve over all power quality at one of their sites in Scandinavia. The choice fell on the well proven ADF technology to reduce the disturbances that caused several production stops over the years. It was very difficult to pinpoint the problem, but no one in the production facility could believe that the reoccurring problem could be power quality related. After a comprehensive analysis it was apparent that the production needed ADF technology to reduce the disturbances. One year after the installation the investment has been proven by several all-time high achievements in the production.

Comsys has signed a strategic partnership agreement with a major Chinese company with 60+ sales offices in mainland China with good knowledge within the power quality field. The company will work closely with Comsys to market the unique ADF product family on the Chinese market and are committed to be the number one supplier of Active filters. The partnership is a very important step for Comsys as it will give us a very strong position on one of the fastest growing markets and a market that have a large need of our technology, says Marcus Löfgren , CEO Comsys AB.

We are proud to announce that our successful partner Ebatech in The Netherlands has sold two ADF P300-300 system to the Amsterdam Police. This order is once again a clear indication that the well proven ADF technology for improving their power quality and energy efficiency is applicable to most industries and applications. Ebatech is a consulting company with a focus on energy efficiency and is fully owned by Nuon, one of the largest utility companies in The Netherlands.