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Presented at the PCIM conference in Nuremburg by Jonathan Manson, the "Pan-European Power Quality Survey" shows and quantifies the costs from unawarness of industry with respect to poor power quality. This paper presents the results of a survey conducted by the European Copper Institute (ECI) into the consequences for EU industry of poor power quality. These add up to EUR 150bn annually, are mainly experienced by industry and caused by power interruptions (dips, surges, transients and short interruptions). This paper also recommends a course of action to make use of the significant and disturbing conclusions drawn from the analysis that has been carried out.

Power converter reduces energy consumption on Line 35 Active Dynamic Filter, ADF is a filter that removes disturbances in the power grid and thereby reduces the energy consumption and the reactive power consumption with 10-20 percent. An ADF filter is installed to optimize Line 35 at Övre and the intention is to implement the same solution on the new press line being built at present and possibly across other processes. 

ADF is a digital energy technology that has been developed to manage the power supply to various electrical motors.

The technology restores the current sinusoidal wave shape. 

"As we all know, a sinus curve behaves like a wave and the closer the current is to the curve, the more efficiency you gain. However, reality is far from ideal, and the current contains peaks that deviate from the sinus curve. These peaks cause losses", the environmental manager Arne Widerstrand concludes.

Earlier on, capacitor banks were used to level out the peaks, but this new technology is significantly more efficient according to Arne Widerstrand. Volvo requires that the power factor is 0,97 or better. Conventional technology can never achieve this requirement due t its technical limitations, especially when it comes to dynamic loads like a hydraulic press. The new technology received great attention when it wa presented at the Ford/EQO environmental conferenc recently.

"In addition to reducing energy costs and contributing to a better environment, the technolog and the restored current curve also prolongs the lifetime of our machines", Arne emphasizes."

Tetra Pak has an extensive and mature energy management strategy. After pilot studies involving active compensation at the main plant in Lund, Tetra Pak has decided to include Comsys ADF solutions into their best practice level of the global enery management program.