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Data centers are the core of today’s most popular commodity: information. With that, protecting this commodity becomes of prime importance.

Managing stable conditions and other common issues

When it comes to managing data center operations, common concerns include:

  • Power supply redundancy
  • Cost
  • Equipment provider requirements
  • Back-up and transfer system of electricity
  • Cooling
  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Earthquake preparedness
  • CCTV
  • Fire protection
  • 99.9% uptime

Four advantages for you

1. Actively compensate voltage disturbances

Actively compensate voltage disturbanceVoltage disturbances are related to issues such as:

  • Short circuits
  • Overloads
  • Electric motor start-ups
  • Drop in a heavy load in a power system

In these situations, having a strong, active power quality solution to protect electronics and other sensitive equipment is a necessity. ADF Power Tuning is an active dynamic solution that monitors the power supply and compensates electrical imperfections thousands of times per second in order to reduce voltage disturbances and stabilize the grid. With such powerful compensation, you can expect significantly reduced system and component failures, as well as a stop to a failing power supply. ADF technology gives you the reliability you need to run your data center efficiently.

2. Reliability through redundancy

The worst scenario for a data center is the loss of data. This makes having a stable power supply a priority. But no power supply or piece of equipment is invincible. For cases when something does go wrong, having a redundant power quality solution should give you peace of mind.

Securing redundancy is made simple and efficient with ADF technology because the filters connect in parallel to the bus-bar and the modular design makes it easy to expand the solution to fit your operation as it grows.

Harmonic Compensation

3. Remote monitoring and support

As an international business, you likely operate data centers around the world. With ADF Power Tuning software, you can monitor the power quality of each and every one of your data centers—in real time, all around the globe.

And when dealing with advanced electronics and sensitive equipment, it’s beneficial to have monitoring and quickly available service support. With our remote monitoring software, we can help you spot issues and identify opportunities to optimize your settings, make corrections, and avoid errors—no matter where you are in the world.

4. Dual cooling capabilities

We can provide both air-cooling and liquid-cooling capabilities built into the ADF technology itself. By offering the two options (between liquid- and air-cooling), you are able to choose what fits best into the overall data center cooling concept.

From particle accelerators, automotive production plants, or food & beverage operations, ADF Power Tuning solutions are adaptable and dynamic enough for any application.

General industrial power compensation issues

Heavy machinery, energy-intensive starts and stops, switching events (such as turning on a transformer), and advanced equipment. Any of these elements can lead to poor quality, energy inefficiency, equipment wear, and even unplanned stops.

Ellevio wind farm, Sweden.
Ellevio wind farm, Sweden.

Industrial power compensation advantages for you

With our low harmonic, active compensation solution, you experience:

  • Improved power quality
  • Redundancy
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Prolonged equipment lifetime
  • Easier monitoring
  • And more!

Support renewable energy operations

ADF technology is a proven solution in the renewable energy segment. With typical problems including harmonics, voltage, and flicker, ADF Power tuning is the one solution that can mitigate all of these problems. And as a bonus, it supports a more energy efficient operation.

DanTysk installation
Read the DanTysk case now

Seamlessly meet standards

ADF technology can meet the power quality standards of any industry. And it goes beyond that, allowing you to secure equipment warranties. At the same time, it is the most compact solution on the market.


Conserve energy, improve running cost

This low harmonic solution compensates imperfect power waves, enabling optimal equipment performance with fewer energy losses in the facility’s grid so you can decrease your overall energy cost. With a reduced electric bill and improved operation, many customers find they have a quick return on investment.

Extend your equipment lifetime

With ADF Power Tuning, you lower the risk for wear, expensive shutdowns, and spare parts replacement.

South Korea Data Center
The ADF team visits an installation at a data center, South Korea


Water and wastewater treatment involves the use of highly energy intensive processes that must be controlled with precision in order to maintain a safe and sanitary water supply.

Water Treatment

VSD compensation and other common issues

One of the biggest challenges for the water and wastewater treatment industry is to save energy. Globally, water management accounts for 4% of all electricity consumption (International Energy Agency, 2014). The use of VSDs (variable speed drives) support water treatment plants in drastically reducing energy consumption, but they come with a cost. Although they help control the plant’s demanding processes, their use on fans, pumps, and other drives contribute to harmonics. When left uncompensated, harmonics have proven to cause problems such as overheating transformers, nuisance tripping, reducing equipment lifetime, etc.

Chertsey water treatment

Three advantages for you

1. Save space

Water treatment plants often do not have the luxury of building from scratch. Rather, they must often upgrade with retrofits. When working with an existing physical infrastructure, it’s important to have a solution with a minimal space requirement. ADF Power Tuning products provide powerful compensation in a compact form. In other words, you can do more with less.

2. Achieve redundancy

A chief concern in water treatment is the risk of contamination. These plants provide a critical function for societies around the world. And while this reliance is invisible when processes are working well, society definitely takes notice when something goes wrong. ADF Power Tuning helps prevent drastic problems such as equipment malfunction, unexplained interruptions, and unplanned stops.

3. Enable energy savings

VSDs are crucial for running a water treatment plant, as well as reducing a plant’s energy consumption. ADF Power Tuning enables the plant to run on VSDs without problems by essentially removing the problems that would hinder the VSDs from working their best.

And due to the ability to be installed in-parallel, ADF technology enables lower energy losses than conventional compensation technology.

To learn more about ADF Power Tuning for your water treatment operation, contact us.

Process industries, such as food processing and foundries, require an uninterrupted flow of production for successful operation. This continuous mode of operation requires significant power, which places a heavy load on the energy grid.

Specific applications may include food processing, packaging, plastic fabrication, pulp and paper production, metal processing, manufacturing, foundries, refineries and automotive production.


Power quality and common issues

The highly-advanced machinery and equipment used in process operations represents a significant capital investment. The sensitive nature of such machines makes them vulnerable to power disturbances and other related problems, including trips, unplanned stops, equipment failure, reduced equipment lifetime, and flicker.

Also, while energy consumption, and therefore cost, is a main concern for those in process industries, safety and sanitation is the highest priority. This is why it is crucial to have a reliable power quality solution to strengthen the electrical system overall and avoid unplanned stops—which is the scenario most likely to contribute to a safety or sanitation risk.

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Five advantages for you

ADF Power Tuning can monitor and compensate electrical disturbances at very high speeds. It improves the plant’s overall energy network, minimizes stoppages, protects sensitive electronics as well as non-electronic equipment parts, and lowers electricity costs.

1. Optimize your network

ADF Power Tuning makes it possible to compensate all power available in the grid. This enables secured network stability, even with demands from lighting, computers, etc.

Harmonic Compensation

2. Prevent surges and transients with improved power quality

ADF Power Tuning monitors and compensates imperfect power in the grid at lightning speed to prevent power surges and transients that can damage monitoring or control systems in automated plants. Thanks to this active and dynamic monitoring, production can continue smoothly.

Equipment malfunction

3. Eliminate facility “ghost” problems

Have you ever experienced a mechanical or operational problem that seemed to have no apparent cause? Poor power quality is often the cause. ADF technology eliminates and prevents “ghost” problems that are really due to unseen electrical problems in the grid (improving power quality).

4. Achieve compliance

This low harmonic solution minimizes the effect that the facility’s heavy energy load will have on the grid—thereby helping you avoid fines or other legal repercussions due to non-compliance with electrical standards, such as IEEE.


5. Decrease power consumption

Sustained high power quality means more efficient, problem-free production. Due to its ability to reduce losses (heat energy) in the transformer, ADF Power Tuning helps you simultaneously conserve energy and lower your energy costs.