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Comsys delivers their ADF technology to the offshore wind DanTysk. The solution contains one cluster of 12 water cooled ADF STATCOMs for high performance in a demanding environment in the North Sea. The main purpose of the ADF STATCOMs are to compensate for reactive power under normal operating conditions. The ADF STATCOMs are also prepared to boost power in an inrush mode to support the generators if the connection to shore would fail. The substation is the connection point for 80 wind turbines and each turbin is able to produce 3,6 MW.


The STATCOMs compensate the 33 kV grid via a step-up transformer. The units are installed in groups of four, each forming a STATCOM of 1.5 MVAr. Total installed power is 6 MVAr.  

This project is yet another confirmation that the ADF technology is a flexible and extremely reliable solution able to handle very demanding applications such as DanTysk.

 For more information: http://www.dantysk.com/


Contact Marcus Löfgren (CEO) or Dan Liljengren (Head of R&D) at Comsys AB

We are very happy to announce that Dennis Magnusson will be joining the Comsys team as production manager in September. Dennis holds a B.Sc. with major in Innovation Engineering and has worked with production for ten years. The last six years he has been working at CG Drives & Automation (former Emotron). Dennis started at CG as production engineer and 2010 he became production manager being responsibility from order to delivery. Dennis will continue to develop our production and logistics to continue securing our quality and delivery performance. He will also work closely with our R&D team to give production optimization input for existing and new products.

Dennis lives in Helsingborg together with his wife, two boys and dog.

 For the fifth time this year we have commenced a 2-day session at ”ADF Academy”, Comsys own training program for enhancing our approved partners skills within handling ADF’s. This time three companies from different countries attended, and luckily all of them passed! For all enquiries regarding ADF Academy please send an email to .


















It’s clear that the World is faced with huge power quality challenges and Comsys has through years of experience gathered a strong knowledge within the field of power quality. We will continue to develop our ADF technology to support the World with it’s power quality challenges. Therefore have we recently decided to move to a bigger facility with a new R&D center for increasing our efforts of bring new and more advanced products to the market. We will be in the new facility in June.

Please come and visit our new facility when you are in the area.

Comsys AB, Fältspatvägen 4, Lund, Sweden 


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