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Australia’s trusted name in the Power Quality Analysis, Power Quality Solutions, Real-Time Power Factor Correction, Harmonics & Energy Saving Solutions.
Specialists in Harmonics & Power Quality
PS is a leading manufacturer of active and passive products, resolving power quality issues such as harmonic distortion and lagging power factor for the Utilities and C&I clients.
Turkey's leading reactors and detuned capacitor bank up to 36kV manufacturer beside to power quality solutions like active filter.
We are specialists in variable frequency drives and measuring equipment (Danfoss Drives Partner and MJK Sales Partner). Huge installed base of VFDs and growing demand regarding power quality resulted in partnership with Comsys.
ADM Engineering specializes in Power Quality Products, motors and variable frequency drives.
ADM specializes in Power Quality Products, motors, and variable frequency drives.
Bakker Sliedrecht designs, assembles, installs and maintains complex electrical installations. With excellent service, Bakker Sliedrecht takes care of the desired performance of your assets during their entire lifetime.
Oklahoma & N. Texas
Engineering Center ART is specialist in industrial automation making projects with energy saving systems based on variable frequency drives, power converters and active harmonics filters. We are mainly doing business in Russia and Belarus and provide not only projects, but also service and repair.

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