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Power Survey

Street: 7850 Trans-Canada Hwy
Postcode: H4T1A5
City: Montreal, Quebec
Country: Canada
Phone: 514 333-8392
Fax: 514 221-3164
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PS is a leading manufacturer of active and passive products, resolving power quality issues such as harmonic distortion and lagging power factor for the Utilities and C&I clients. Our metering, compensation and filtering products help lower utility charges, and  prevent equipment damage and downtime losses stemming from power quality issues. Power Survey acquired Power Standards Labs in 2016, thus adding a global expertise in power quality, energy monitoring, and data analysis. Together, the companies will provide end-to-end electric power quality solutions to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers, utilities, and government agencies and offer local support and services across the U.S and Canada.

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