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Firma Power Grid s.r.o. sídliaca v Považskej Bystrici (SR) sa zaoberá riešením otázok spojených s kvalitou elektrickej siete - od analýzy problému, cez návrh riešenia až po dodávku konkrétneho zariadenia na zlepšenie kvality elektrickej siete.
PS is a leading manufacturer of active and passive products, resolving power quality issues such as harmonic distortion and lagging power factor for the Utilities and C&I clients.
PowerMore is one of the first company in Vietnam specializes in power quality solutions. We have installed sucessfully more than 30 projects along Vietnam regarding LV active filter, MV passive filter, MV Statcom. The 2160 Amper ADF at Bana Hills is one of the first and biggest active filter pro
PQ ENGINEERING is specialist in Power Quality. They offer the complete portfolio from analysis to solution and after sales service. Their specialists are involved in many branches within Germany and worldwide.