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Harmonic Compensation for the Oil and Gas Industry

Reliable and stable power quality is crucial for efficient operations and safety when it comes to land rigs, offshore drilling rigs, drill ships, and other oil and gas installations.

Oil and Gas

Harmonic compensation and other common issues

Offshore oil rigs require specialized energy-intensive equipment. This advanced machinery comes at a high capital investment and has high energy demands.

Minimizing oil and gas recovery costs while maintaining the highest standards of worker safety are two of the industry’s greatest challenges.

Similar to the shipping industry, offshore installations, land rigs, and Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs), etc. are mandated to meet requirements for total harmonic distortion (THD).

Six advantages for you

1. Achieve compliance

The ADF product range is certified according to most oil and gas standards, such as DNV GL, ABS, and BV.

Additionally, these governing bodies require THD (total harmonic distortion) limits for offshore oil and gas operations. Although it comes in a small, modular package, ADF Power Tuning is strong enough to ensure you’ll meet the required standards for harmonic compensation.


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2. Save limited space

With limited space available onboard an offshore operation, you need to optimize the space you have. With its compact size and flexible installation options, ADF Power Tuning will work with your existing infrastructure.

3. Avoiding nuisance tripping

The changing intensity onboard machines can lead to power surges, harmonics, or other problems that can trip alarms. The capabilities of ADF technology practically eliminate unnecessary trip alarms, so there is no need to waste time assessing false alarms typically triggered by poor power quality.

Oil rig installation


4. Extend your equipment lifetime with excellent harmonic mitigation

This reliable compensation solution ensures that unstable power is mitigated. This protects sensitive equipment and reduces the risk of equipment wear, expensive shutdowns, and replacement.

Oil rig equipment
Onboard Arkticheskaya, Baltic Sea

5. #UptimeAllTheTime

With high power quality, your equipment experiences extended lifetime.

With improved energy efficiency, you also optimize equipment functionality, minimize downtime, and reduce unplanned maintenance.

6. Stabilize your electricity supply

Power for rigs is often produced by generators, which creates a weak, unstable electrical network. ADF technology works by actively compensating for these electrical disturbances, thereby improving the power quality and reliability of live and operational systems.

Harmonic Compensation

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Download PDF

Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys ADF Technology
Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys' ADF Technology.