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Power quality in energy intensive processes

Process industries, such as food processing and foundries, require an uninterrupted flow of production for successful operation. This continuous mode of operation requires significant power, which places a heavy load on the energy grid.

Specific applications may include food processing, packaging, plastic fabrication, pulp and paper production, metal processing, manufacturing, foundries, refineries and automotive production.


Power quality and common issues

The highly-advanced machinery and equipment used in process operations represents a significant capital investment. The sensitive nature of such machines makes them vulnerable to power disturbances and other related problems, including trips, unplanned stops, equipment failure, reduced equipment lifetime, and flicker.

Also, while energy consumption, and therefore cost, is a main concern for those in process industries, safety and sanitation is the highest priority. This is why it is crucial to have a reliable power quality solution to strengthen the electrical system overall and avoid unplanned stops—which is the scenario most likely to contribute to a safety or sanitation risk.

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Five advantages for you

ADF Power Tuning can monitor and compensate electrical disturbances at very high speeds. It improves the plant’s overall energy network, minimizes stoppages, protects sensitive electronics as well as non-electronic equipment parts, and lowers electricity costs.

1. Optimize your network

ADF Power Tuning makes it possible to compensate all power available in the grid. This enables secured network stability, even with demands from lighting, computers, etc.

Harmonic Compensation

2. Prevent surges and transients with improved power quality

ADF Power Tuning monitors and compensates imperfect power in the grid at lightning speed to prevent power surges and transients that can damage monitoring or control systems in automated plants. Thanks to this active and dynamic monitoring, production can continue smoothly.

Equipment malfunction

3. Eliminate facility “ghost” problems

Have you ever experienced a mechanical or operational problem that seemed to have no apparent cause? Poor power quality is often the cause. ADF technology eliminates and prevents “ghost” problems that are really due to unseen electrical problems in the grid (improving power quality).

4. Achieve compliance

This low harmonic solution minimizes the effect that the facility’s heavy energy load will have on the grid—thereby helping you avoid fines or other legal repercussions due to non-compliance with electrical standards, such as IEEE.


5. Decrease power consumption

Sustained high power quality means more efficient, problem-free production. Due to its ability to reduce losses (heat energy) in the transformer, ADF Power Tuning helps you simultaneously conserve energy and lower your energy costs.

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Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys ADF Technology
Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys' ADF Technology.