Comsys – Perfecting Power

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ADF technology will work for you

Engineered and manufactured in Sweden, ADF technology will help you comply with your industry’s power quality regulations, maintain equipment warranties, and avoid symptoms of poor power quality, such as costly unplanned stops and unnecessary equipment damage.


ADF technology achieves all this and more by sensing electrical behavior, removing the energy losses, and correcting the electrical behavior. And, it is the only solution that offers Sensorless Control.

Sensorless Control

By using state-of-the-art signal processing and advanced control structures to manage the power flow to and from the machine, ADF technology continuously monitors the network and injects the exact right amount of compensation current, at exactly the right time.

ADF technology makes energy more efficient

With components that make ADF technology ideal for system integrators or those looking to implement a low harmonic drive, ADF technology can be utilized as a variety of products.

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