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Power Quality Technology Comparison

Traditionally, fixed electro-mechanical and semiconductor-controlled filters and/or compensators have been used to limit behaviors that waste energy. These solutions operate mainly on a fixed or stepped basis using passive elements. But these solutions have multiple disadvantages:

  • they add losses
  • are installation-specific
  • have no ability to adapt to dynamic load changes

Active Dynamic Filters

Compared to other power quality technologies, ADF Power Tuning provides a solution that is hard to beat. It is an efficient system that leads to low losses, but more than that, it provides a reliable toolbox that can seamlessly address a variety of disturbances, from THD to flicker.

And ADF Power Tuning does that as a lighter, more compact package that has been certified according to most standards, such as DNV GL, ABS, and BV.

ADF vs. Multipulse vs. AFE vs. Passive Filters

Explore the table below to see how ADF technology compares to existing compensation solutions.

  ADF Multipulse AFE Passive Filter
Losses green green red green
Total harmonic distortion green yellow green red
Physical size green red yellow red
green LOW yellow MEDIUM red HIGH
  ADF Multipulse AFE Passive Filter
Meets Regulation* blue half blue blue white
Specified harmonic selection blue white green white
Resonance elimination blue white white white
Flicker compensation blue white white white
Configurable blue white half blue white
Although other solutions will meet some of your needs, you can rely on ADF Power Tuning to meet all of them.

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The ADF product range

Our products solve a variety of problems and are suitable for a range of industries. Contact a local expert for advice on what solutions might be right for you.

Key Feature ADF P100 ADF P200 ADF P300 ADF P700 Statcom
Compact, wall mounted blue blue    
Harmonics compensation blue blue blue blue
Reactive power compensation blue blue blue blue
Eliminates resonances   blue    
Interharmonics compensation   blue    
Flicker compensation blue   blue blue
Load balancing blue   blue blue
Medium voltage applications     blue blue
Available with liquid cooling     blue blue
Four-wire version blue      
Voltage range 208 – 690 V 208 – 480 V 208 – 690 V Up to 36 kV
Industrial blue blue blue blue
Commercial blue blue blue  
Utility   blue blue blue
Marine, offshore blue   blue  
Sensor-less control blue blue blue blue