ADF Power Tuning

Why is ADF Power Tuning the ideal solution for my industry?

With ADF Power Tuning you get an advanced low harmonic solution that helps you directly meet the power quality needs of your operation. Depending on which industry you operate within, you will have specific needs and concerns. But no matter which industry that is, ADF products (LINK) will help you achieve high power quality and smooth operational efficiency. While our main customers come from the marine, offshore oil and gas, process, and water treatment industries, due to the active and flexible nature of our solution, ADF Power Tuning is the right choice for many.

Maintain your equipment warranties

With increasingly sensitive equipment, come increasing power disturbances. Avoid this concern over loss of warranties with a stable and reliable power quality solution.

Securing regulatory compliance

When it comes to regulatory compliance, you need a solution you can depend on. But more than that, why not consider a solution that leaves room for growth? With ADF Power Tuning, you can remain carefree in the knowledge that this low harmonic solution will ensure you meet necessary standards.

Benefits for you

Save space: One module supports multiple drives, allowing you to save space and secure adaptability for the future.

Save time: Avoid unnecessary downtime for maintenance or replacement of equipment.

Save money: Improve energy efficiency and reduce power costs.

Save hassle: ADF technology practically guarantees operational compliance with regulatory standards and warranty demands.