ADF Power Tuning

Power Quality Case Stories

ADF Power Quality Case Stories

This section gives examples of applications and industries where ADF mitigates production disturbances, improves environmental performance and saves energy.
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Flicker cases

In the case of Henrad and WDI Baustahl, ADF STATCOM installations lower the flicker level to ensure disturbance free operation of the industries involved. Both case studies show successful lowering of flicker emission to meet the requirement of expanding and advancing society.

Harmonic mitigation cases

The REWE case shows clearly how harmonics can influence and disturb production equipment and cause lowered production yield. The case study also shows how installation of ADF P300 Active Filter solves the problem reliably and efficiently.

The GRYAAB reference case is a good example of harmonic reduction of drives in water treatment applications. Again the installed ADF system lowers the harmonics and ensures a good quality grid. 

Reduction of notches and harmonics

The Dynamic load case is an excellent example of how ADF Active Harmonic Filter products can be applied to solve very challenging problems. In the test load case study, a very dynamic load is compensated up to the 100th harmonic order using a mix of ADF P300 and ADF P200 products.