ADF Power Tuning

ADF Power Tuning for Your Industry

ADF Power Tuning is an adaptable and flexible solution, which makes it ideal for many industries. From offshore wind power, to data centers, to airports, ADF technology can compensate power for many industries.

Common issues

Heavy machinery, energy intensive starts-and-stops, switching events (such as turning on a transformer), and advanced equipment: These may be elements of your operation that can lead to power imbalances, disruptions, or inefficient operation. While they may cause electrical disturbances, they are also a necessary part of your operation. That is why it is so important to have an effective solution to improve your power quality.

Advantages for you

With improved power quality comes many benefits, from easier monitoring, adherence to regulatory standards, improved operational efficiency, and increased equipment lifetime—just to name a few.

Seamlessly meeting standards

It is becoming increasingly important to meet regulatory standards in many industries. ADF not only meets today’s standards required, it goes beyond that, allowing you to operate within a certain level of efficiency while securing equipment warranties. At the same time, it is the most compact solution on the market.

Conserve energy, improve running cost

This low harmonic solution compensates power waves, enabling optimal performance of equipment with fewer energy losses in the facility’s grid. With such an increase in operational efficiency, you can also expect to decrease your overall energy cost. With the money saved from your reduced power bill, you can increase your margins and grow your business.

Extend your equipment lifetime

A reliable power quality solution ensures that unstable power is compensated. With ADF Power Tuning, you lower the risk for wear, expensive shutdowns, and replacement.

We’d love to talk to you more about ADF Power Tuning for your industry, so contact us. You may also find it helpful to read the case stories below.

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Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys ADF Technology
Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys' ADF Technology.