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ADF Power Tuning for the Oil and Gas Industry

Reliable and stable electrical power quality is crucial for efficient operations and safety of land rigs, offshore drilling rigs, drillships, and other oil or gas installations. Due to the unique challenges faced in the oil and gas industry, a dependable low harmonic solution is a vital ingredient for a successful operation.

Common issues

Offshore oil rigs require specialized energy-intensive equipment. This advanced machinery—and all other aspects of a well-functioning installation, come at a high capital investment. Minimizing oil and gas recovery costs while maintaining the highest standards of worker safety are two of the industry’s greatest challenges.

Additionally, similar to the shipping industry, offshore installations, land rigs, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs), etc. are mandated to meet requirements for total harmonic distortion (THD). It is important that power quality solutions for the oil and gas industry help to meet these requirements while simultaneously increasing energy and operational efficiency.

Advantages for you

Giving you the tools to exceed industry standards

Concerned about space-saving and meeting regulatory standards on your rig? Due to the active nature of this low harmonic solution, ADF Power Tuning not only makes it easy for you to meet today’s harmonic standards, it can quite easily go beyond that.

And although ADF Power Tuning will ensure regulatory compliance, it is also the most compact solution on the market.

Avoiding nuisance tripping

Avoid nuisance trippingOil and gas operations involve heavy machinery. The changing intensity of such machines can lead to power surges, harmonics, or other problems that can needlessly trip alarms or cause other unwanted complications. Due to the improved power quality that comes with ADF Power Tuning, you can expect to practically eliminate trip alarms, so there is no need for the customer to waste time assessing and managing an unnecessary alarm. This enables you to improve repair time and cut costs.

Extend your equipment lifetime

A reliable power quality solution ensures that unstable power is compensated. With ADF Power Tuning, you lower the risk for wear, expensive shutdowns, and replacement.

Uptime all the time

We all know that energy efficiency optimizes equipment functionality, but this also means that you can expect minimized downtime and reduced unplanned maintenance. With high power quality your equipment functions efficiently, so it also experiences extended lifetime.

Power consumption

Power consumptionPower for rigs is often produced by generators. Energy from such a source often means you are dealing with a weak or unstable electrical network. While this may be a challenge for other solutions, our low harmonic solution actively compensates for electrical disturbances, thereby improving the power factor and reliability of live and operational systems.

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Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys ADF Technology
Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys' ADF Technology.