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ADF Power Tuning for Water Treatment

Pumps and feeding screws are used in the water treatment industry to dynamically control liquid levels, flows, and consistencies. ADF Power Tuning will help you manage the variable operational speeds water treatment requires, thereby saving you energy and minimizing electrical disturbances.

Common issues

The energy-intensive equipment required for effective water treatment is subject to repeated starts-and-stops during operation. The variable speed of the pumps causes harmonics and disturbances that impact energy efficiency and lead to faster equipment wear and downtime for service or replacement.

Advantages for you

ADF Power Tuning allows you to control harmonics and all other harmful disturbances that are often not managed by competing technologies. For example, multiple drives can be managed from a single power module. With such centralized compensation, ADF technology saves space, improves cost-efficiency, and increases operational performance.

Improving operational efficiency

Water treatment improving efficencyWhat percentage of your operational costs is due to equipment wear or spare parts replacement? When equipment wears or breaks down, it represents a pricey problem, so it’s important to do as much as possible to minimize that wear and tear as much as possible. ADF Power Tuning prevents spikes and sags in the power wave caused by continual starts-and-stops. With a smoother operation comes reduced wear on the equipment, saving you money and time.

Making facility-wide improvements

Have you ever experienced a mechanical or operational problem that seemed to have no apparent cause? With its lightning fast monitoring, ADF technology eliminates “ghost” problems in other areas of the facility due to unseen electrical problems in the grid.

Seamlessly meeting standards

It is becoming increasingly important to meet regulatory standards in the water treatment industry. ADF not only meets today’s standards required, it goes beyond that. At the same time, it is the most compact solution on the market.

Reduced investment cost

One ADF module is capable of supporting multiple drives. The benefit of this for your facility is reduced equipment costs compared to individual low harmonics drives.

Conserve energy, improve running cost

Water treatment conserve energyThis low harmonic solution compensates power waveforms, enabling optimal performance of equipment with fewer energy losses in the facility’s grid. With such an increase in operational efficiency, you can also expect to decrease your overall energy cost. With the money saved from your reduced power bill, you can increase your margins and grow your business.

Proven solutions

See how customers around the world are using ADF Power Tuning to save cost, time, hassle and space.

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Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys ADF Technology
Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys' ADF Technology.