ADF Power Tuning

Improve Energy Efficiency – Getting Started

Getting started is easy. We have extensive experience with everything from optimization of single loads to projects for complete factories and utilities. We can be your partner through the following steps:

  1. Energy Analysis:
    Regardless of whether you face a certain power quality problem or simply have a desire to reduce energy costs, all you need to do is to initiate an energy analysis. It’s the first step toward improving energy efficiency. This step includes site measurements, an assessment of your current energy conditions, and analysis of how you would benefit from ADF Power Tuning.
    For support contact your local ADF representative.
  2. ROI Calculation:
    The findings in the energy analysis serve as the foundation for calculating potential cost savings and technical benefits. Together with you, we put together a detailed savings sheet with annual savings, payback time and other business ratios. This serves as an economical decision-making tool.
  3. Investment in ADF Power Tuning:
    The payback analysis clarifies how profitable the suggested ADF Power Tuning system could be.
  4. Installation:
    System installation is easy and can be undertaken either by your own trained personnel or your service partner. We offer turnkey solutions, including installation on request.
  5. Commissioning:
    Commissioning is undertaken by Comsys personnel to ensure optimal system performance.
  6. Maintenance and Service:
    Annual system inspections are always recommended to guarantee system performance and lengthen equipment lifetime. The product documentation contains the maintenance programs required for your ADF solution. Alternatively, you can sign a service agreement with us. Read more about our service offering in the service section.

After the Purchase

Working with ADF Power Tuning is easy. You are likely to notice its impact in many ways, from a reduced electric bill to fewer instances of malfunctioning equipment due to electrical disturbances. Overall, you’ll experience improved energy efficiency.

Technical Support

The extensive product documentation provides you with operation instructions, service guidelines and safety information. When additional support is needed, you are always welcome to contact our service center for help with technical inquiries.

Training and Education

Product training can be offered when buying ADF Power Tuning products. In order to secure system performance and personal safety, additional training occasions are offered for new employees, shifts and others not present at the time of the original training.

Service and Maintenance

In order to ensure lasting performance and life span of your system, we suggest a yearly service inspection. We offer a range of service contracts to match your requirements on service level and guaranteed service time. The service can also be undertaken by your own service personnel or your maintenance and service partner. Read more in the service section.

Download PDF

Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys ADF Technology
Feel free to download the pdf about Comsys' ADF Technology.