ADF Power Tuning

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ADF Power Tuning – technology that 
makes energy more efficient

ADF Power Tuning actively assesses the waveform generated by your operation. It then responds dynamically and continually to correct any flaws that may be present. This is done at an incredibly rapid rate, and although ADF products come with a standard monitoring rate, the tuning units can also be set to improve energy problems more typical to specific industries. ADF Power Tuning is a solution that works whether you manufacture cars, operate a wind farm, or run a hospital.

Benefits for you

Save space
Save space

One module supports multiple drives, allowing you to save space and secure adaptability for the future.

Save time
Save time

Avoid unnecessary downtime for maintenance or replacement of equipment.

Save money
Save money

Improve energy efficiency and reduce power costs.

Save hassle
Save hassle

ADF technology practically guarantees operational compliance with regulatory standards and warranty demands.

Taking the sting out of harmonics

With ADF Power Tuning you eliminate the following power issues with this one low harmonic solution:

  • Harmonics
  • Reactive power
  • Network imbalance
  • Voltage variations
  • Oscillations
  • Flicker
  • Transients

When it comes to power quality, there are a variety of solutions out there. So how do you make your decision? When it comes to our customers, the things they value most are saving space, increasing flexibility, being adaptable, reducing hassle, and spending effectively. This is why they choose ADF Power Tuning. Our active solution provides all these benefits and more.

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