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Active Harmonic Filters

Harmonics Cause Losses and Disturbances

Technology GeneralHarmonic currents result in power that can't be used and which also takes up electrical system capacity. Large quantities of harmonics can lead to malfunctioning of the system that results in downtime and increase of the operating costs.

Harmonics are a problem for a wide number of business sectors and the costs are high and rising as the number of disturbances are increasing and modern production equipment is becoming more sensitive to these disturbances.

Harmonics (unwanted frequency components) and unbalance in terms of uneven power distribution between the phases in the electrical network.

Efficiently eliminating the Harmonics by the use of ADF Active Harmonic Filters

By the use of active harmonic filters, harmonics can be efficiently eliminated.

The ADF Active Dynamic Filters eliminate loss creating behaviors such as harmonics, flicker, voltage variations, resonances and reactive energy using a highly dynamic, stepless digitally controlled compensation and filtering approach. By continuously monitoring the network and injecting exactly the right amount of compensation current – at exactly the right time – the most efficient and accurate solution to any power quality problem can be achieved.

This approach enables the current waveform to be restored instantaneously, the current consumption to be lowered and changes in load or installation conditions to be fully compensated at all times

For modern facilities, where load and network change constantly, this solution not only represents an opportunity, but is a necessity.

ADF Active Harmonic Filter Product Range

Our ADF Active Harmonic Filter product range consists of four main product families:

Each one of them targeting different power levels in commercial and industrial applications in the low and medium voltage segments.