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Low Harmonic Drives

Since the requirements on maintaining low harmonics (such as IEEE 519, G5/4, and EN61000-2-2) are getting tougher, low harmonic solutions are becoming a hot topic within many industries.

Reducing Harmonics with ADF Power tuning

Technology GeneralThe ADF Power Tuning product range can help you address harmonic requirements by reducing them to an acceptable level, or even lower in many cases. Our low harmonic solution pinpoints the harmonic orders that are the most problematic and compensates the power in a way that it can be optimized to meet whatever the requirements may be.

There are many different solutions available in the market. One of them is the Active-Front-End (AFE), which has been developed with the aim to feed energy back to the grid when breaking a motor or process. AFE can also be used to reduce harmonic loads, but in a very inefficient, and, in most cases, an expensive way.

Low Harmonic Drives

ADF Power Tuning can be used to create the most efficient low harmonic drives on the market today. Our solution can be combined with 6 pulse drives and placed in parallel, or in shunt, with the load. The parallel placement of ADF Power Tuning ensures system redundancy, which is a major advantage in critical applications, such as medical care or the marine industry.

ADF Active Harmonic Filter Product Range

Our ADF Active Harmonic Filter product range consists of four main product families:

Each ADF Power Tuning unit target different power levels in commercial and industrial applications in the low and medium voltage segments.

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